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Consulting Services


 1.    IT Consulting

To be smart is not only to have access to the knowledge required for successful Business Development, but also the knowledge of how to deploy this asset in the current conditions of ever-changing market and competition growth.

  • Having an outsourced IT Consultant will help you to save costs and gain external, objective advice, recommendations and most important Support.
  • IT Consultant helps you to understand technology capabilities as well as best use of Technology to meet your Business objectives.
  • IT Consultant will provide fast and professional assistance and most important, on call basis.

The easiest way to predict the future is to shape it. Be ahead of your future with EG Technologies!


 2.    IT Design and Analysis

EG Technologies will help you in the process utilizing your existing Systems and Devices as well as implementing new Technologies to create a reliable and secure Network System that would satisfy specified requirements.

When designing Network, we apply latest Technologies and provide solutions either your requirements are working  On Site or Mobile.

EG Technologies provides expert independent IT Network Systems Infrastructures and technology analysis, research, and opinions defining strategies and steps for improvement.


 3.    IT Training

Training is crucial for organizational development and success. It is fruitful to both employers and employees of an organization. An employee will become more efficient and productive if to be trained efficiently

EG Technologies provides IT resources and materials to achieve most efficient training for you or your employees as well as workshops introducing New Technologies to users.


 4.    IT Cost Reduction

EG Technologies experience has shown that a significant and sustainable reduction in cost can be achieved while improving and optimizing use of Software and Devices. You can make your Business produce more while lowering costs.

EG Technologies offer flexible plans tailored to your specific needs providing Project Based solutions and Implementations prepared specifically suited to your Business needs and financial affordability. Our Clients are our greatest asset, therefore EG Technologies provide personal approach to every customer.



Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

EG Technologies provides you support that is tailored to your IT needs to avoid useless spending. We will tune into you to make your Business always stay tuned up.

  • Focus on the key-not each Business needs 24/7/365 IT consultant. While outsourcing EG Technologies as your IT Partner, you may focus on key processes of your Business.
  • Have a fast ,reliable and Professional  partner to trust your Computer Systems
  • Have your Systems monitored and maintained 24/7


 1.  Maintenance

EG Technologies offers customized Maintenance Packets tailored to your needs and expectations. You no longer have to worry about purchasing and installing Antivirus, Anti Spyware, Malware or Spam e-mail Filtering for your Business.

With our flexible IT Maintenance Services your Hardware and Software will be monitored 24/7 and immediate Support provided if necessary as our diverse Technologies and knowledge allows us to troubleshoot Hardware On Site or Remote.

Maintenance goes hand to hand with IT Analysis, therefore we will provide you with Solutions designed to avoid recurring problems.

EG Technologies also provides reports based on your specifications and requirements, such as Inventory, Computer use, Hardware/ Software reports etc.


 2.  General Security and Protection

Satisfied Customer is our biggest reward, therefore EG Technologies offer flexible and tailored solutions to keep your Systems Safe and protected at all times.

EG Technologies will provide you latest Security solutions and practices to keep your systems safe 24/7 and eliminate unscheduled downtime or data loss.

We are well aware that in such modern and Technology wise developed environment, sensitive data can be exposed to third parties easily and no one is fully protected,  therefore  EG Technologies will help you to put in practice your existing Security policies or if necessary create new ones regarding your requirements and Business specifics.


 3.  Problem Resolution

When your Systems fail the priority is to get Operations running as quickly as possible. EG Technologies experienced Technical Engineers have the right skills, knowledge and tools to operate quickly and professionally.

EG Technologies diverse technical knowledge of Software and Hardware allows us to solve most complicated issues and most important, our high quality Customer Service is always our priority.


 4.  Remote Support

When you need fast, reliable Support, Remote Support is what you are looking for.

EG Technologies Support can access to your PC and take control on your desktop to help to resolve the problem anytime, anywhere. With minor problems, we can simply help guiding you through step-by-step in the  tasks to solve the existing problem in real time.


 5.  Project Management

As our mission is to provide tailored and efficient Solutions, we treat each Customer and their needs with extra attention and care offering Project Based Tasks customized specially for you.

EG Technologies can design your IT Projects System and Infrastructure or Implement new Server with the excellent Customer Support and fast response.

Every new Implementation will be monitored and followed until it works with no errors and is fully Installed into your existing Systems.


 6.  Network Infrastructure

EG Technologies  will help you to design your Network Topology and utilize Network Performance.

We will define ways to be connected to Internet, Intranet, VPN`s, VLAN`s and WLAN while identifying your specific needs and transmitting them to Network Infrastructure Solutions.



Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

Expand your presence in the market!

  • Optimize the use of your existing Services and Devices
  • Change to Survive- Have your Business modern and up to date at any time


Have your Business integrated, creating platform for easy data access, optimizing out-of-office workflow, and dubbing your Business in any point in the world while using the latest edge Technology  EG Technologies can be the most trusted partner in mobilizing your business as we test out solutions on ourselves


 1.  Mobile Force

EG Technologies Engineers hold significant  knowledge of latest Technologies and releases. We believe that change is the prior factor for success therefore we constantly educate ourselves to be able to provide the best service for your needs.

EG Technologies will help you to manage your existing Mobile Devices, Integrate them in to your Network and Implement new Technologies.

Whether it is your home or another Continent, EG Technologies will make sure you have the best solutions to keep your Business running.


 2.  Smart Devices

EG Technologies experience proves that Business Communications are improved rapidly by implementing tools such as shared calendar, tasks, contacts, public folders and e-mails.

Build your image, utilize your field resources more efficiently, increase productivity and improve your Customer Service by letting Smart Devices do half of the work.



Cloud Solutions

Cloud Services

Our mission is to provide the best technology in IT Industry.
We are one of the Businesses that use 99% of our Services on the Cloud.


1.  Cloud Infrastructure and Design

With ever-changing Technology environment we have reached the point when onsite Technology has become expensive and time consuming and can be easily replaced by Cloud Services.

EG Technologies engineers will help you in designing private or hybrid Clouds and in the transition to place your Business on the Cloud to free your Budget to other priorities.

EG Technologies apply the optimal and more effective solutions regarding your existing IT environment.


2.  Support Anytime – Everywhere

Meet growing demands for users and customers by being able to give fast Support and response Anytime, Everywhere.

Cloud Services allow you real time collaboration within your Company borders or with Customers assuring you to provide the best Service.


3.  Cloud Disaster Recovery

EG Technologies  takes all precautions when deploying  your Systems to the Cloud by considering data secure transfer and storage, password and authentication rules and Cloud provider requirements, nevertheless we are well aware of possible failures and disasters, therefore EG Technologies holds knowledge of Backup Applications and Automated Recovery Solutions when physical environment fails.


4.  One Solution

By having your Company on the Cloud you gain great advantage of storing as you no longer have to worry about running out of storage space,  editing, sharing and accessing important files at any given time, place or amount.

Cloud Services allows you to deploy and implement new Applications and Services much more faster and easier as most software integration usually occurs automatically on the Cloud.

EG Technologies offers all included Package to cover all Cloud Maintaining needs such as Antivirus, Backup, e-mail protection, Smart Device protection etc. You no longer need to worry about renewals or purchases as we will do the work for you.



Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara

Who We Are

Erick Goycochea – Owner

Erick is an accomplished, motivated and versatile IT specialist, Networks administrator, support analyst and Consultant who has been certified as a Microsoft IT Professional, IBM Advanced Skilled Technical Expert and was also granted with several Skills Competency Awards among others.

He is known for a Customer- oriented and team based approach along with excellent communication and Technical skills. Erick has earned a strong reputation and solid respect while working for high- end Companies, delivering for them advanced IT Services, totally over 7 years of successful partnerships.

Above all, Erick is a world traveler, managing to live and work on three Continents. Born and raised in Lima, Peru, Erick moved to California and continued to work as IT Specialist. In 2010, Erick decided to move to Europe and took his Business along proving that nothing is impossible- even Conducting Business from a different part of the World.

Now, Erick and his team are based in Santa Barbara, California providing lasting, solid and exciting relationship with his Customers.


Laura Goycochea – Admin, Accountant

Graduated with Bachelor Degree in Business and Economy from Riga International School of Business and Administration Laura brings knowledge of Finance, Accounting and Marketing to EG Technologies.

She has previous experience working as Sales Assistant and Accountant but most important, Laura brings feminine touch to our Tech Team.



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