5 ways you can protect data on your Mobile Device.

The spread of mobile devices in the workplace has created a new security concern for businesses everywhere. Smartphones, tablets, and similar devices make business easier, but they also provide hackers new avenues to your important information and confidential data. Add the use of personal devices as work platforms, and you got a recipe for a disaster.

You need ways to protect your mobile data that is both secure and easy to use. Security has no use if it locks you out of your devices, but it has to be robust enough to keep the bad guys out. Fortunately, these five mobile security solutions will work with any mobile device you have.

Password protect your mobile device


If you have yet to password protected your smartphone or tablet, you need to do it right away. You do not need any extra apps to do this either as most mobile devices come with built-in locking features. You just have to know how to set a password for your device and choose a strong password. You can install another security app if you need more security than what your mobile comes with out of the box.

Password protect sensitive apps


You are not limited to just your device password. You can password each of your sensitive apps individually. You will need a special app to do this, but you can find hundreds of good ones on the iOS and Android app stores. Find one that will let you password protect the other installed apps on your mobile device.

Backup your data


If your mobile is not password protected, you are putting your data stored on it at risk for theft or accidental deletion. You can alleviate some of the problem by backing up the data to a secured location. That way you can restore it whenever you need it.

You can back up your mobile data by:

  1. Connecting your mobile to your PC in data transfer mode, and just copy the data files to the computer
  2. Use your mobile’s PC suite to synchronize and backup important data, such as contacts and message, between your computer and the mobile device.
  3. Backup the data to a cloud storage service.  

Install a remote wipe app


Anti-theft apps keep your data out of the wrong hands. While the thieves can take you mobile device, anti-theft apps will remotely wipe all your data off the device before the thieves can access it.

Avoid aftermarket apps        

You can avoid installing malware infect apps on your mobile by restricting your app selection to those in your mobile’s official app store. Malware apps can damage and even steal your important data, but you have no way of knowing if that app you found online is safe or not. For better security, you can install an Anti-Virus application on your mobile device!

If you need help protecting your mobile data or have questions, feel free to leave a comment here or contact us for other ways you can secure your data.

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