What is the “Cloud?”

The “cloud” involves the virtualization of physical memory onto a separate server(s) and utilizing converged infrastructures to share services. It is primarily used to lessen the requirements for physical data storage, the memory required for data retrieval, and to create redundancies (copies) of data for the purpose of having backups. In addition this lessens the requirement of client devices—such as computers that are attached to the network—by utilizing web-based resources to retrieve data and applications as needed instead of storing them on each device.


Cloud Solutions

We begin with the cloud migration process of moving your current hardware-based data storage to the virtual storage. In addition to lessening the load on storage requirements, it protects data against mistakes made against the system, from registered users and from malicious attacks, by creating copies of files elsewhere. Even if your entire system is deleted, we can have it back up and running through cloud recovery mechanisms that are engineered to prevent data loss. To take further advantage of the cloud, EG Technologies utilizes the latest cloud hosting software to interact with everything from websites to closed intranets, creating a network that moves along with your busin

ess needs.


Cloud Infrastructure and Design

Due to the constantly evolving nature of Information Technology, the

industry has reached the point that on-site technology is increasingly expensive and time consuming. These obstaclesare easily offset by the adaptability of cloud services.

EG Technologies engineers design private or hybrid clouds, which combine the best of the private and public computing architectures into a single, versatile model. In addition, we can create private clouds that strengthen security by centra

lizing data, virtualizes the business environment, and refines organizational procedures involving digital information into self-run data centers.


Support Any time, Any Place

An established cloud structure not only enables users within your company to access data from anywhere, it allows real-time collaboration between our experts and your company for all matters of support. Also, it allow you to collaborate with potential and current customers to provide optimal service. Maximized efficiency equals customer satisfaction, which increases


Secure Transfers and Disaster Recovery

EG Technologies will take all precautions when deploying your systems to the cloud by ensuring secure data transfer and storage, password/authentication, and strict cloud provider requirements. We are aware of possible failures and disasters involved with, therefore we enactbackup applications and automated recovery solutions whenever a physical environment fails.


Centralized Solutions

Cloud storage encompasses the inherent advantages of virtualized storage, which eliminates concerns over storagespace, editing, sharing, and accessing important files regardless of time or location.

Cloud Services also allow you to implement new applications and services faster and easier, as most software integration occurs automatically on the Cloud without the need for permissions and checks that hinder the process. We will keep you apprised of any changes with extensive documentation and support throughout.

EG Technologies’ packages cover all Cloud maintenance needs such as antivirus, redundancy, e-mail protection, and smart device protection(for mobile clients), removing the hassle of renewals and continual purchases.

About EG Technologies

We are a collective of experienced Information Technology professionals with a wide range of technical expertise, who share in the ideal vision and standards of unparalled customer service.  Our practices are geared toward the modernization of current systems for established companies, as well as the creation of completely new systems for startups.  Our goal is to bridge the gap between each aspect of data and information management and production, allowing our clients to concentrate on their business without concern over the data management aspect.

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