On Demand Support

Sometimes a small business can’t afford to take on the added monthly and annual expenses of an in-house IT department. Sometimes business owners or managers need experienced professionals to provide technical solutions beyond the current capability of their current IT management. This is why we offer 24/7 availability to our clients, which means we are there even when in-house specialists have already clocked out. We also monitor network activity and proactively solve many issues before they can have any effect.


Unlimited Service

Experienced professionals are here to answer your questions, provide you with step-by-step instruction, or to perform remote maintenance, any time of day, any day of the week. When unforeseen circumstance present a challenge, weaddress these concerns with experttroubleshooting solutions.

Our server administration and network protocols provide the highest level of security available, with high-level encryptions, firewalls, and password checks at every level. We also manage the e-mail component from the creation of the mail system, management of new and existing users, to each and every aspect of correcting issues that may occur.


No Hidden Fees


Many IT agencies promise a fixed rate for help desk support, then add on additional charges for troublesome tasks. EG Technologies will never increase your

rate or add “service fees” onto your invoice for heavier workloads, nor make any changes to your monthly rate without your explicit consent and agreement.


Remote Support

Remote support is the act of taking control of another computer’s desktop environment, usually through a virtual private network (VPN), by a second client device. It enables procedures to be taken against the computer without the need for the controlling user to be physically present.

EG Technologies’ support uses remote access to your PC and take control of your desktop to resolve issues in real-time, to take a hands-on approach whenever a problem can’t be solved via step-by-step instruction or troubleshooting. These procedures can be completed at any

time, so operating hours aren’t a concern; and they can be completed from any location, so it is essentially a virtualized method of providing fixes when house calls aren’t applicable.

About EG Technologies

We are a collective of experienced Information Technology professionals with a wide range of technical expertise, who share in the ideal vision and standards of unparalled customer service.  Our practices are geared toward the modernization of current systems for established companies, as well as the creation of completely new systems for startups.  Our goal is to bridge the gap between each aspect of data and information management and production, allowing our clients to concentrate on their business without concern over the data management aspect.

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