Managed IT Solutions

At EG Technologies, we understand that time is money, and that complications never occur at the perfect time.  This is why we employ a proactive approach to IT management—with around-the-clock maintenance that prevents downtime, and with adaptive infrastructures that account for all workloads.  


  • Flat-rate service plans—Experience unparalleded outsourcing, without the fine print fees that change your bottom line.
  • Unlimited Support—All the benefits of an in-house IT department, without the overhead and labor expenses.
  • Remote Monitoring—When a hands-on approach is needed, we can take control of your system and work from the inside out.
  • Maximum Efficiency, Low Costs—Zero business days between requests and solutions, all included in the same flat rate.
  • Server Maintenance—Verified backups, security checks, consistent updates, network administration, and more.

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On Demand Support

As an outsourced IT management firm, EG Technologies provides all the support one would expect from a department inside your company, and “24-7” means that our availability is even more reliable than an in-house team that clocks out at 5.

  • Emergency Calls—Be it a small concern over how to work a part of the system, or a natural disaster threatening to destry physical data, help is a phone call away.
  • Data Recovery—Our cloud-based solutions (below) ensure that your information is available whenever and wherever you need it.
  • Software Upgrades—Never be behind the times or get caught using outdated software.  We keep you on the cutting edge
  • Troubleshooting—Our representatives are available and capable of talking you through any process, step-by-step, not matter how big or how small.
  • Passwords/Security—Securing your data is our number one concern, so we keep track of who’s coming and going.
  • Email Issues—Communication is key. We ensure those important documents land in the right place, and that any lapses are fixed immediately.

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Cloud Solutions



Cloud-based computing is no longer a trend that exclusive to big companies with big budgets.  Our affordable plans allow everyone from Fortune 500 companies to rec

ently-founded startups to experience the benefits of “anytime, anywhere.”  Not only is cloud-based computing important for the day-to-day requirements of constant mobility, it is imperative for companies to nullify data loss.

  • Cloud Migration—We take your current data, applications, and services, and move them to the cloud, where they can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Cloud Recovery—Accidentally deleted an important folder containing essential files? A power surge fried your hard drive? We’ve got you covered.
  • Cloud Hosting—Cloud hosting enables scalable web-based environments, advanced integration, and practical Web applications.

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About EG Technologies

We are a collective of experienced Information Technology professionals with a wide range of technical expertise, who share in the ideal vision and standards of unparalled customer service.  Our practices are geared toward the modernization of current systems for established companies, as well as the creation of completely new systems for startups.  Our goal is to bridge the gap between each aspect of data and information management and production, allowing our clients to concentrate on their business without concern over the data management aspect.

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