State and district procedures vary on the storage requirements of student records, but one thing is common among virtually all written guidelines: a mandatory student record, such as a transcript, may never be destroyed. Some require that medical records and other temporary files be kept a minimum of five years.  With hundreds to thousands of new students coming and going every year, the amount of documentation involved can be substantial.  Since these records are also of the utmost importance in terms of verifying that a student has taken the necessary classes to advance in grade level and get into higher education, the IT component of any educational institution must be organized, accurate, and secure.

EG Technologies produces digital environments that connect students, teachers, administrative staff, and parents, in a way that was previously impossible in the days of pen and paper.  Our intranet portals are tailored toward academics, with easily generated reports and forms that don’t require extensive training to understand. In addition to lessening the load on administrative staff, our cost-effective solutions fit within the tighter budgets passed down from governing bodies. Always-on networks enable teachers to formulate lesson plans away from the classroom, parents can see exactly how their children are performing, and administrative staff members never have to labor through file cabinets to find that vital medical record when it’s needed.  Most importantly, our stable IT infrastructures deliver a higher quality of education to the student.

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We are a collective of experienced Information Technology professionals with a wide range of technical expertise, who share in the ideal vision and standards of unparalled customer service.  Our practices are geared toward the modernization of current systems for established companies, as well as the creation of completely new systems for startups.  Our goal is to bridge the gap between each aspect of data and information management and production, allowing our clients to concentrate on their business without concern over the data management aspect.

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